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To provide organic insights and advice based on real-world experience. To empower students for a brighter future by providing right guidance at the right time.


Savvera education will ensure all students attain the knowledge and skills to succeed and become contributing, ethical citizens in a global society.

Teaching Philosphy

Education is planned activity where as learning is unplanned, incidental and part of every day life. ~ Unknown Author

Teacher's Role

The fundamental beliefs and values about students and human nature in general is the starting point of having a good understanding of human nature, such as needs, emotions, and motivation. The level of perceived value in an outcome is what determines your level of commitment and motivation, your discipline and your resourcefulness. Therefore, I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide a learning-enriched environment, which provides stimulating and challenging experiences for the students. The teacher acts as a facilitator, who encourages, promotes, and reinforces student’s attempts, questions, skill development and discoveries. If we treat our goals and aspiration with the same level of urgency that we use in crisis of life then this will bring out our level of ability, motivation and passion.

Student’s Role as a Learner

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

 I believe in providing positive teaching experiences that affect student’s achievement and attitudes throughout their lives. Students have special gifts and talents that should be recognized and developed throughout student’s academic life. Exploring these gifts and talents allow the student to appreciate and accept differences in others. Student best learn concepts when learning occurs in developmentally appropriate and student-centered activities. Consequently, I provide an environment in which students are actively involved and begin to take ownership of their education. Students today live in a challenging but exciting world of exploding information. Both within our particular societies, and in our increasingly interdependent global society, knowledge has rapidly become the key resource from which all other assets are constructed. Therefore, I provide most up-to-date material and resources, that will help them succeed in academic life and personal life.