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New Zealand

Education Consultant has:

  • Studied abroad in USA from grade K through  Ph.D therefore is well informed about the requirements of the admission process.

  • 27 years of abroad education experience guiding numerous students to top universities in various countries around the world.

  • 16 years of experience working with international students has allowed Dr. Sandhu to gain unlimited information on do’s and don’ts of admission process, obtaining a diploma & degree and then cashing in the degree.

  • lived in USA for 34 years but now living permanently in Amritsar.

Study Abroad Education Consulting Steps:

  1. Student counsels with Dr. Sandhu to obtain information on how to increase their profile to avoid refuse.

  2. Appointment for qualification test from Canada & USA, which is utilized to ensure admission to the equitable University or College, with the appropriate programs and courses, to earn a diploma or degree with the greatest career potential.

  3. Get your credentials matched for academic counseling and future guidance in study abroad in top colleges and universities in the world.

  4. Get academic & life coaching for step-by-step advice for prospering in life thru classes selection, job counseling, and much more.

Admission Services:



Admission Consultation

University/College Selection (up to 5)

Scholarship Search

SOP (Statement of Purpose) Essay

Finalizing univ./college Selection

Guidance Bundle (SOP, LOR, and CV guidance)


SAT/ACT Online

Career Consultation

CV (Curriculum Vitae)

LOR (Letter of Recommendation) Essay

Scholarship Essays

Pre-departure Classes

Review Bundle (SOP, LOR, and CV review)